Bonus Load

We are giving you back what you are loading up! Between November 24 until December 31, 2013, every time you reload a minimum of €10, you will get €2 additional reload for FREE! 

You can buy reloads in Sisal, PayMat shops, or accredited dealers of Globe Mobile Italy S.r.l. 

To reload your e-voucher or scratch card:


  • From your mobile phone, call 401006 (+393464441006 using any operator or from abroad.  If reloading is done from abroad, roaming charges will apply)
  • Follow the voice prompt
    • Press “1” if reloading own Globe - 1Mobile SIM
    • Press “2” if reloading other Globe Italy subscriber
  • Enter the reload code  then “#”
  • Enter the Globe Italy mobile number


From the mobile phone you want to reload, type *143*11*reloadcode# (Example:  reload code is 1234567890, type *143*11*1234567890#) then press the call button