The Globe Italy-1Mobile service is provided by Compagnia Italia Mobile S.r.l. (CIM). The List of Services of  CIM was made in accordance with the guidelines established by the Italian Communications Authority (herein after "AGCOM") and to continuously improve customer relations.  The Charter Services is available on the website and at authorized outlets.

1. Fundamental Principles


CIM provides a communication clear, simple and understandable conditions of the services offered at authorized outlets, as well as on the website to ensure all customers of their right to choose consciously among the services offered.


CIM periodically performs surveys and calls and listen to suggestions and opinions of customers and consumer associations to improve the quality of the service.


CIM provides the services on a regular and ongoing basis.

In case of interruptions or irregular operation, CIM is committed to minimizing the inconvenience of customers and informs them the start or end of the interruption or malfunction.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

CIM provides and deliver services effectively and diligently, with the goal of massive customer satisfaction.

Equality and Impartiality

CIM provides services according to their objective criteria, with no impartiality and justice and without any kind of discrimination.

Courtesy and Availability

CIM treats customers with the utmost courtesy, fairness and cooperation, with the aim of establishing relations based on the basis of mutual trust.

Privacy Protection

CIM is committed to ensuring the privacy, protection and security of customer data in compliance with the Privacy Code (Legislative Decree no. 193/2003). The customer has the right to be informed about the purposes and methods of treatment of their data and to express, if necessary, an information consent.

2. Customer Care

For any information Customer Support services are available for free from 1Mobile (fixed national from another mobile operator or the external cost of the call is calculated based on the territorial rate)

  • Customer Service (401001 from 1Mobile, +39346444 1001 from any other numbers or external) from 9 to 20, 6 days out of 7
  • Automatic Answering (from 1Mobile 401001, +39346444 1002 from any other numbers or external) 24 hours 24
  • Website accessible on the web at

3. Services Offered

The pre-paid and rechargeable SIM card allows, with a mobile device, to make calls, send and receive SMS using GSM access. In addition it is possible through MMS messages, send and receive photos, images, videos.

The objectives of quality of services offered by CIM (maximum activation of the service, charging time, activation time replacement SIM, service coverage) are described in the Appendix.

  • MNP: the service allows the customer to port a number of other operators on a sim 1Mobile. Details are available on the site
  • Transfer remaining credit: in compliance with current legislation (Del. 353/08/CONS NRA), 1Mobile provides the customer with the optional service for which a customer who asked portability from 1Mobile vs another operator may ask the same transfer of the only remaining credit purchased.

All details that are set out in the general conditions of MNP usage is available on the site

Services for the deaf: 1Mobile in compliance with current legislation, puts at the disposal of this category dedicated offer.The terms and conditions are available on the website

4. Economic Conditions

Information on affordable services are spread through the staff in authorized outlets. They are available from the Customer Service Department toll-free number 401001 and on the website and communicated to AGCOM. The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.

5. Application of these services

The customer may make a report or complaint thru:

  • Letter to a Compagnia Italia Mobile S.r.l.,  Via Caldera 21, 20153 Milan;
  • From 1Mobile free number 401001 or the number +39346444 1001 (land lines from another mobile operator or outside the cost of the call is calculated based on the territorial rate).
  • E-mail to [email protected]

CIM is committed to respond quickly and with completeness.

Quality rating 2009
Time of activation 95% of the activation was successfully served within 48 hours
Time of renewal of credit 95% of renewals granted within 240 minutes
Minimum time on IVR to connect to operator 40 seconds
Average waiting time on operator’s reply 45 seconds
% of call accepted wherein operator replies within 20 seconds 60%
Activation of lost SIM Within 48 hours from activation
Access to GSM 98.5% of incoming calls are successful
Probable maintenance connection 98% of calls maintain its connection
Transfer of SMS 98% of SMS received by SMS center
Complaints Not more than 5% of the average active subscribers